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On June 18th, MOTHER took home a Special Jury Prize at the Seattle International Film Festival.  With 141 short films in 
competition, this award was a huge honor.  We wish we could have been there for our screening earlier that month, but we were in...

CANNES, where MOTHER competed in the Cannes Film Festival and was awarded the 3rd Prize in the Cinefondation Program.  We had quite a ball scooting around the south of France on our scooter and enjoying the company of filmmakers from all over the world. The only Americans of the eighteen films selected for competition, we were astounded by the quality of the films in our program.  The jury, presided by Russian filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky, included director Tim Burton.  Upon presenting me with my award, Tim Burton took my hand and said, I loved your film.  I really loved it.  Now get out of Los Angeles.  Easy for you to say, Tim Burton.

Earlier in May, MOTHER screened at the Harmony Gold in Los Angeles with the six other films of the Directing Workshop for Women at AFI.  With a huge industry turnout and a warm reception to the films, it was an amazing night and goodbye to a wonderful year in the DWW.

In March, MOTHER premiered at the Florida Film Festival where it was awarded the Grand Jury Award for Best Narrative short.  This win in Florida made the film Academy Award eligible. It may sound like a long shot, unless you listen to reporter Randall King, who wrote in the Winnipeg Free Press, If they gave best actress Oscars to the stars of short films, former Winnipegger Angela Featherstone would qualify for her neurotic, boozy Beverly Hills matron, who leaves her one-year-old daughter to the care of a young vagrant woman she encounters at her hotel. A third-place winner in the Cannes Film Festival's Cinefondation program last month, MOTHER is a likely Oscar contender in the shorts category.


Los Angeles - July 31st -  IFP Cinema Lounge 
Rhode Island - August 8th - 13th - Rhode Island International Film Festival
Palm Springs - August 24th - 30th - Palm Springs International Festival of Shorts
Los Angeles - November 2nd - 12th - AFI FEST 2006
London - October 19 - November 3rd - London Film Festival